Policy Proposal 2001-3

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Wed Sep 26 15:11:59 EDT 2001

> Well the discussion has proceeded over a rather long period of time

a process improvement, indeed.  as is this public discussion.  thanks arin.

> gTLD servers have always been part of all of the proposals.

if having servers in 'special' space has yet to be shown to improve use,
why is not not appropriate to treat them just as we do all others?  they
can get routable space from theu upstreams or justify space if their needs
are large enough.

and, if the above does not work, then maybe the whole model is broken for
many many people.  and you may not want to go there.



# grep \"..\" /etc/named.conf | wc  
      21     153     975

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