Policy Proposal 2001-3

Alec H. Peterson ahp at hilander.com
Wed Sep 26 14:09:57 EDT 2001

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> and how is it infeasible now?  you may want to look at the address space the
> roots and gtlds are in now before answering.

Are you suggesting that new gTLD servers are never going to be deployed, or
that existing ones will not change?

> and how does being multi-homed mean that one will not time out on the server
> if the deamon is dead but the box is up and reachable?

It doesn't.

However, ARIN cannot address issues of operator error on a server.  If you
would like ARIN to be able to do this, I suggest you lobby the AC.

> and do note that the long timeout is not relevant if the box is not
> reachable.

True, but if the appropriate internet connection is down then it is very
relevant, and I see the type of errors you describe above as being relatively

> the golden space snake oil has been available to roots for some years.  how
> many use it?  perhaps root operators have actually studied the issues and
> voted with their feet?

*shrug*, perhaps.  I'd like to see your data on this instead changing a
ratified AC proposal based on your straw-man.


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