Policy Proposal 2001-1

Trevor Paquette Trevor.Paquette at TeraGo.ca
Wed Sep 26 13:47:49 EDT 2001

The issue here seems to be to reduce the workload at ARIN regarding the
increasing number of /29 allocations.

I'd like to see all allocations SWIPed; and give ARIN the tools to
automate this task. (This should not be that hard; should it?)

Mant ISPs get calls and email saying 'your server at A.B.C.D' is
being used as a spam relay or is infected with such-and-such virus.
Because this IP is in a /30 subnet assigned to a customer; the ISP
get the email and has to act as relay to inform the customer. If the
/30 subnet was SWIPed the ISP would not need to be involved.

In my opinion subnet allocations are getting smaller, even for busineses.
As IPv4 space begins to run out; more folks will only be allocated a /29
instead of the /28 or /27 that they requested. This will increase the
burdon on the upstream ISP to take calls and emails on systems that they
have no control over.

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