Policy Proposal 2001-1

Borchers, Mark mborchers at splitrock.net
Wed Sep 26 13:28:34 EDT 2001

> The requirement for public reassignments is to, among other things,
> provide a public accounting for who is really using IP space and, when
> necessary, to provide contact information for that end-user 
> to the broader public.

The trend in recent years has certainly been toward smaller block
assignments.  Customers who formerly qualified for a /24 now being
given /27's by their ISPs and so on.  This fact would seem to militate
for putting more information into WHOIS for small blocks.

> My assertion is that a large percentage of /29 assignment list the
> upstream as POC *because* of the privacy policy ARIN adopted 
> in light on
> the increased use of IPs by private residential networks.

Hmm, the networks themselves may be private but they are on public
IP space.  The privacy issue could be debated at length.

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