Policy Proposal 2001-1

Mury mury at goldengate.net
Tue Sep 25 20:40:06 EDT 2001

On Tue, 25 Sep 2001, David R Huberman wrote:

> I had brought this up for discussion not so much for the privacy policy,
> but because I feel the /29s in the ARIN WHOIS database are mostly "useless
> objects" - in part, due to the policy.
> In an effort to lessen the burden on small- and medium-sized ISPs who SWIP
> manually, and in an effort to lessen the burden on ARIN which manually
> process thousands of SWIPs a day, and in conjunction with my stated belief
> that so many /29s are home networks containing upstream POC information,
> this discussion seemed appropriate.

This is probably a dumb question I could find the answer to somewhere
else, but I'll give it a shot anyway...

Why does ARIN need to manually process swips?

What is the human intervention achieving that a well written script could
not accomplish?


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