Policy Proposal 2001-1

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Tue Sep 25 11:02:00 EDT 2001

>>   It is currently required all /29 and shorter reassignments be 
>>   reported to the ARIN WHOIS database via SWIP or RWHOIS.  It is 
>>   proposed this policy be modified to require reporting for /28 
>>   and shorter reassignments only.
> Since I actually put forth this idea a few weeks ago on this list,
> I'll re-iterate, in short, my reasoning:  
> 	(1) Most /29s I see assigned are for home networks.
> 	(1a) Most home networks are (and in my opinion, should be)
> 	SWIPed with the upstream's contact information in the POC
> 	field. 
> 	(2) Taking out /29s from the SWIPing requirement should,
> 	in some measurable (hopefully meaningful) way, reduce
> 	the load on operators and on ARIN.

there is also a possible privacy benefit by not mandating folk's home
data be revealed.


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