Policy Proposal 2001-1

David R Huberman huberman at gblx.net
Mon Sep 24 17:45:20 EDT 2001

>   It is currently required all /29 and shorter reassignments be 
>   reported to the ARIN WHOIS database via SWIP or RWHOIS.  It is 
>   proposed this policy be modified to require reporting for /28 
>   and shorter reassignments only.

Since I actually put forth this idea a few weeks ago on this list,
I'll re-iterate, in short, my reasoning:  

	(1) Most /29s I see assigned are for home networks.

	(1a) Most home networks are (and in my opinion, should be)
	SWIPed with the upstream's contact information in the POC

	(2) Taking out /29s from the SWIPing requirement should,
	in some measurable (hopefully meaningful) way, reduce
	the load on operators and on ARIN.

It's just a thought - the initial reaction was positive from seemingly
smaller service providers. UUNET (Lee) chimed in and said it would make no
difference to them, but then again, UUNET is probably fully automated in
their SWIPing duties.


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