Policy Proposal 2001-5

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Wed Sep 26 15:24:00 EDT 2001

ARIN welcomes feedback and discussion about the following policy
proposal in the weeks leading to the ARIN Public Policy and Members
meetings in Miami, scheduled for October 28 - 31, 2001.  All feedback
received on the mailing lists about this policy proposal will be 
included in the discussions that will take place in Miami.

  Proposal:  Establish a micro-assignment policy that would allow
             entities, using multihoming as justification, to obtain 
             an assignment from ARIN longer than the current minimum 
             assignment size of a /20.

This policy proposal discussion will take place on the public policy 
mailing list (ppml at arin.net).  Subscription information is available 
at http://www.arin.net/members/mailing.htm

Richard Jimmerson
Director of Operations
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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