ARIN Forms New RFC 2050 Working Group

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Mon Sep 10 11:24:00 EDT 2001

At the last ARIN Open Policy meeting in San Francisco concerns were raised
about RFC 2050.  It was noted that this document has aged and that certain
portions of it no longer reflected the current state of RIR policy and
operations.  Similar concerns have been raised in the APNIC and RIPE NCC
regions.  Accordingly, ARIN is establishing a working group to further
examine this issue.  Mark McFadden has volunteered to chair the 2050WG.
The charter for the working group follows:

The objective of the RFC 2050 Working Group is to address the issues
relating to relevance of RFC 2050 to the needs of today's Internet
registry system.  The group will evaluate RFC 2050 and propose a method of
replacing it with a new document or documents.  Once consensus has emerged
on the process that will be used to replace RFC 2050, the working group
will cooperatively develop its replacement.  The working group will work
in coordination with the other Regional Internet Registries, who will
conduct a similar review process in their respective regions.

An email list for the 2050WG has been established.  Subscription
information can be found at the following URL:

All interested individuals are encouraged to participate in this
discussion. This will be an agenda item at the next ARIN Open Policy
meeting in Miami.

Ray Plzak

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