Single organizations with multi-homed, discrete networks (fwd)

Clay Clay at
Thu May 17 19:19:31 EDT 2001

This is absolutely not acceptable: Geography does not necessarily dictate
Customer utilization.  In our example, new datacenters and datacenters in
young markets (geographically) can grow their utilization rates very comparison to developed markets (comparing silicon valley to
Okalahoma city).

If there is any talk about not allowing single organizations to register and
obtain multiple maintainers (and allocations), then there MUST be no
correlation between utilization rates of the multiple network deployments
(under the same maintainer).

And contrary to your statement that:
 "While in most cases, a sensible individual can look
  at a company's numbering goals and state that using
  multiple maintainer ID's and ARIN accounts is both
  inadvisable and entirely unnecessary" is necessary anytime you have disparate networks that grow at uneven
rates...If there is a policy requiring the entire network (under the
maintainer organization) to be at or above some set percentage of
utilization.  This would also be true if there were a policy requiring "All
allocations and last block granted to the organization must show greater
than 50% utilization for ARIN to grant an additional address block.".

It would be a grave mistake to base widely impacting policies upon a few

Other than those particular areas, I pretty much agree with you on the other
points in your previous email!  :-D


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