Single organizations with multi-homed, discrete networks (fwd)

Andrew Dul andrew at
Mon May 14 13:27:41 EDT 2001


I have been working on a policy draft as a followup to the discussion that
occurred at the ARIN meeting.  I have tried to address the concerns of
conservation as well as creating a policy that will work for organizations
with these type of concerns.  If you are interested in reviewing a copy of
the full draft please let me know.  I have summarized the main points of the
policy below.  Please feel free to comment regarding these points.



Criteria for the policy to apply:

* The organization must have a compelling criteria for creating discrete
networks. (Examples: regulatory restrictions, geographic diversity, etc)

* Applies only to new and existing ARIN allocations after organization has
requested this policy to apply to their account.

* Multiple maintainers per organization will not be allowed after

Requirements for additional allocations under the policy:

* Each discrete network must show greater than 80% utilization before
allocating an additional address block.
* Network Operators should attempt to provide for CIDR block growth paths
for networks to reduce number of announcements per diverse network.

* All allocations and last block granted to the organization must show
greater than 50% utilization for ARIN to grant an additional address block.

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