ARIN IPv6 Policy Proposed

Member Services memsvcs at
Mon Mar 12 08:41:03 EST 2001

After a discussion concerning the IAB/IESG recommendation for IPv6 address
space allocation on the ARIN IPv6 WG mail list, the ARIN Advisory Council
is proposing that the following be the ARIN policy concerning IPv6 address
space allocation:

"ARIN will allocate IPv6 addresses according to the Internet Draft
This policy will be regularly reviewed and modified subject to operational

Any interested party is invited to comment on this proposed policy on the
ARIN IPv6 WG mail list.  To subscribe, visit the following URL:

Your participation and comment, whether you are an ARIN member or not,
is very important to the policy development process in the ARIN region,
so please take the time to participate in this process.

Ray Plzak


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