Question - ARIN's New Virtual Web Hosting Policy

Richard Jimmerson richardj at
Tue Jul 31 13:23:10 EDT 2001

This policy applies to requests that are submitted to ARIN
for review.  ARIN's ISP members are not required to collect
this information from their customers.  If an ISP elects to
collect this information, however, it would be helpful in
future discussions about web hosting policies.

Richard Jimmerson
Director of Operations
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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> Subject: Question - ARIN's New Virtual Web Hosting Policy
> Should we (ARIN's ISP members) be requesting this information
> from our customers as well?
> -Dawn Martin
> >At its July 27, 2001 meeting, the ARIN Board of Trustees 
> >ratified the
> >following policy statement:
> >
> >"When an ISP submits a request for IP address space to >be used for
> >IP-based web hosting, they will supply (for >informational 
> purposes only)
> >their technical justification for this practice.  ARIN >will 
> analyze this
> >data continuously, evaluating the need for future policy >change."
> >
> >The Board of Trustees rescinded its previous suspension >of 
> the virtual web
> >hosting policy and replaces that policy with the one >stated above.
> >
> >
> >Ray Plzak
> >President

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