Proposal for review

David R Huberman huberman at
Mon Jul 23 16:52:42 EDT 2001

To preface my critical remarks below, let me say that I am totally for a
policy, generally speaking, which allows organizations to better aggregate
their ARIN allocations.
>     Criteria for the application of this policy:
>     * The organization must have a compelling criteria for creating discrete
>     networks.
>     	Examples: 1) regulatory restrictions for data transmission
>                       2) geographic distance and diversity between networks
>                       3) autonomous multi-homed discrete networks

We discussed this the last time this proposal hit ppml. I still contend,
and Andrew Dul seemed to somewhat agree, that it is not ARIN's place nor
business to be judging the worthiness of an organization's business plan.

It puts an undue burden on ARIN by forcing them to make value judgements.
It unnecessarily restricts ARIN from administering address space to 
otherwise-qualified applicants. There may even be legal issues. 

Please, can we remove this?

>     * Organizations with 'multiple maintainers' should request that this
>     policy apply to their accounts, their existing allocations merged, and
>     additional allocations will fall under this policy.

I again object to this strongly. 

Organizations which currently have multiple maintainer IDs and pay
registration fees for multiple accounts do so for more reasons than just
pure aggregation concerns. 

I think this is a great overall policy shift by the membership, but I
don't think any resulting policy should require previous arrangements
between ARIN and its individual members to be altered. At least, not in
this case.

>     Requirements for additional allocations from RIR:
>     * When applying for additional address space, from an RIR, for new
>     networks or additional space for existing networks the organization must
>     show greater than 50% utilization for the last block granted by the RIR
>     and their allocations as a whole.

Either this isn't phrased well, I'm not understanding it at this moment in
time, or it says something I disagree with.

Organizations should only request additional address space from ARIN when
it can no longer assign a globally-routable (ick - sorry) address block to
one of its discrete networks or it meets the traditional 80% requirement.

If an org. has a /20 or more available, and is less than 80% utilized on
its previous blocks, it should not be eligible for additional address
space yet.

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