ARIN's policies concerning dial-up pools

Charles Scott cscott at
Fri Jan 19 15:29:19 EST 2001

  User to IP ratios can vary all over the map for a number of reasons,
many very legitimate. I think any policies need to be carefull written so
as to not be missinterpreted, and it would be unfortunate if a policy that
implied some acceptable range of user to IP ratio made new allocations
difficult for organizations that legitimately run out of the norm.

Chuck Scott

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, Daniel Golding wrote:

> Charles,
> ARIN never gets involved in user to modem ratios. They get involved in Modem
> to IP ratios, which is proper, and User to IP ratios, which is even more
> important.
> - Daniel Golding
> > -----Original Message-----
> >   No offence guys, but I think it amounts to intereference in the
> > operations of the business if ARIN were to start saying how many modems
> > can be deployed, what the user to modem radio should be or that a provider
> > shouldn't assign static IP's for dial-in users.
> >   I admit that allocating static IPs for all dial-in users is just plain
> > wastefull and it should certainly be written into the policy that doing
> > this for no good reason may cause problem with getting address space. (Of
> > course here are good reasons for some static allocations.) I would thing
> > however that getting into the game of determining what's a proper user to
> > modem ratio is out of line. Also, it would seem that deploying additional
> > modems in advance of demand (as unusual as that would seem to some
> > providers) is a very prudent thing to do and should not be discouraged.
> >
> > Chuck Scott

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