ARIN's policies concerning dial-up pools

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Fri Jan 19 10:56:55 EST 2001

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, Alex Kamantauskas wrote:

>  I am wondering if ARIN has an allocation policy concerning dial-up modem
>  pools.  I have a few customers requesting network blocks, and in their
>  justifications they have "dial pools" listed.  Is there a certain ratio
>  of users to modems that I should keep an eye out for?  In some cases, I
>  have suspicions that the customer could only justify X addresses, so they
>  added Y modems in a "dial up pool" to beef up their requested numbers.

User:modem ratios, IMO, should be irrelevant.  If you have the lines and
the ports, you should be able to reserve an IP per port.  Anything less
runs the risk of not working properly when/if the access server fills up.

So do these customers have the dial hardware to justify the "dial pools"
they're listing?  In past dealings with ARIN to request more space, I've
had to justify each dial pool by listing what city it serves and how many
ports the hardware using the pool has.

It'd be nice if we could get away with giving everyone a static IP (as
they do in some other countries), as that would solve certain abuse

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