Just to clarify

Louis Lee louie at equinix.com
Tue Jan 16 14:38:42 EST 2001

I also thank you and the registration staff, Richard, for considering the
suggestions put forth in the discussion list.  Also I did not actively
participate in the discussion, many of my thoughts were expressed by others.

It is wise for the registration staff to not specify exactly how much time a
downstream must wait for a response from their upstream before they petition
to ARIN.  ARIN can not, and should not, dictate what the turn-around time of
any upstream is for their own customer.  However, a message from ARIN
carries with it a sense of urgency that deserves a reply within the
specified 10 business days.

I trust that the registration staff does not consider anything more than 2
weeks to be a reasonable amount of time that a downstream customer should
wait for an initial response from their upstream provider. :)



Louis Lee

Member of the Technical Staff

Equinix, Inc.


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> I'm not referring to the time ARIN gives the upstream to 

> respond to its request.  I'm referring to the time ARIN

> requires the downstream to give to the upstream prior to

> its involvement.

We would like the petitioning organization to wait for at least

a few business days before contacting ARIN.  If the petitioner

does not receive a response from their upstream provider and

contacts ARIN, it is likely a week will have passed before ARIN

contacts the upstream provider.

Richard Jimmerson

Director of Operations

American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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