Just to clarify

Mark Mentovai mark-list at mentovai.com
Tue Jan 16 09:30:19 EST 2001

Richard Jimmerson wrote:
>If a provider who has been assigned address space from their upstream
>wishes to assign address space further downstream, they are encouraged to
>petition their upstream provider to re-SWIP the address space as an
>allocation. If the upstream provider is unresponsive, the downstream
>provider may then petition ARIN to enact this change. ARIN will make its
>best attempt to contact the upstream provider to obtain their permission.
>If the provider declines permission, ARIN will notify the petitioner as
>such. If the provider is unresponsive after 10 business days, ARIN will
>accede to the petitioner's request and notify the upstream of the

I think this keeps everyone happy.  Thank you for considering public input.

Two things to clarify: how long must a petitioning organization wait after
contacting its upstream provider before contacting ARIN directly?

Can SWIPs be modified by the upstream to change directly from S to A, or is
the upstream required to delete the assignment and then create a new


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