Just to clarify : Conclusion?

David R Huberman huberman at gblx.net
Thu Jan 4 14:30:12 EST 2001

Hello everyone,

Quick recaps, then a suggested course of action:

	* Mark's points about the ease of accomplishing one's goals
	  when working with ARIN's RSG are very important. The best
	  thing about the RSG is their ability to get things done
	  quickly without having to work within a giant, slow bureaucracy
	  to effect change. We need to always keep this in mind when
	  discussing procedures.

	* In support of what many people have already written, I think it
	  is very important for ARIN to acknowledge that it should not
	  directly interfere with upstream/downstream relations except in
	  cases where the upstream is being unresponsive.

Thus, to reconcile the need to maintain an accurate WHOIS database with
the need for ARIN to remain impartial in inter-ISP relations, I suggest
the following policy:

If a provider who has been assigned address space from their upstream
wishes to assign address space further downstream, they are encouraged to
petition their upstream provider to re-SWIP the address space as an
allocation. If the upstream provider is unresponsive, the downstream
provider may then petition ARIN to enact this change. ARIN will make its
best attempt to contact the upstream provider to obtain their permission.
If the provider declines permission, ARIN will notify the petitioner as
such. If the provider is unresponsive after 10 business days, ARIN will
accede to the petitioner's request and notify the upstream of the


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