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Hyunseog Ryu HRyu at norlight.com
Thu Jan 4 12:29:43 EST 2001

On 01/04/2001 07:20:07 AM owner-ppml wrote:

>> Hi, my name is Ginny Listman.  As of early December, I am the new
>> of Engineering here at ARIN.  In a meeting yesterday, to discuss
>> changes, the following policy issue came up.
>> Apparently, there have been some upstream ISPs that have assigned some
>> networks via SWIP, where later the downstream comes back saying it
>> have been an allocation, ie they want a maintainer id so they can
>> assign/allocate further on down.
I have one question.
Why does ARIN accept downstream provider's opinion directly?
In this case, ARIN allocates IP addresses to upstream provider.
Therefore in my humble opinion, upstream provider should handle
allocation/assignment to downstream provider.
If downstream provider has a problem with assignment, they have to bring
the issue with upstream provider,
and if there is a need to change from ARIN, "upstream provider" should
contact with ARIN.
Essentially in this case, I think downstream provider doesn't have
authority to request that kind of change from ARIN directly,
and upstream provider has.
>> In most cases, RSG has been granting the downstream's wish, creating the
>> maintainer id, allowing them to further assign/allocate.
In my opinion, it's somewhat confusing.
When ARIN allocates IP addresses to upstream provider, upstream provider
should decide whether they want to give IP addresses
to customers by allocation or not.
Upstream provider has responsibility for efficient IP address management
including SWIP/RWHOIS data management.

>> Many times, it is just a minor error in the SWIP template, and shouldn't
>> be a big deal.  However, would there ever be a situation where the
>> upstream would not want the downstream to be assigning/allocating?
>> ARIN be responsible for notifying the upstream?  We have be processing
>> these request because we do not want to delay the downstream's business.
>> Do we need a written policy to define how we should be processing such a
>> request?
It's upstream provider's decision.
If upstream provider assigned IP addresses to the customer, they will be
some reason.
If the customer want to change that from assignment to allocation, the
customer should deal with upstream provider,
because it's upstream provider's decision to manage their allocated IP
addresses from ARIN.
I think at least ARIN should forward those request to upstream provider,
and wait for their decision.
I don't see any critical business issue from downstream provider for this
If there is business delay for this, that's the issue between upstream
provider and downstream provider.

This is my huble opinion. :-)
If ARIN allocates IP addresses to upstream provider with responsibility of
efficient manner's IP address management,
upstream provider should handle this issue because this is a part of IP
address management.
Am I wrong?

Hyunseog Ryu
Network Engineer/Applications Engineering Department
Norlight Telecommunications, Inc.

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