Just to clarify

Mark Borchers mborchers at splitrock.net
Thu Jan 4 11:59:30 EST 2001

> Many times, it is just a minor error in the SWIP template, 
> and shouldn't
> be a big deal.  However, would there ever be a situation where the
> upstream would not want the downstream to be 
> assigning/allocating?  Should
> ARIN be responsible for notifying the upstream?  We have be processing
> these request because we do not want to delay the 
> downstream's business.  
> Do we need a written policy to define how we should be 
> processing such a
> request?

IMHO, ARIN's responsibility is to follow its own process.  In
other words, to operate on the premise that when the originator
of a SWIP says "allocation" they mean "allocation" and when they
say "assignment" they mean "assignment".  

If the SWIP is submitted with an error, the originator should
submit a correction. 

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