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J Bacher jb at jbacher.com
Thu Jan 4 11:42:37 EST 2001

At 08:20 AM 1/4/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Apparently, there have been some upstream ISPs that have assigned some
>networks via SWIP, where later the downstream comes back saying it should
>have been an allocation, ie they want a maintainer id so they can
>assign/allocate further on down.
>In most cases, RSG has been granting the downstream's wish, creating the
>maintainer id, allowing them to further assign/allocate.
>Many times, it is just a minor error in the SWIP template, and shouldn't
>be a big deal.  However, would there ever be a situation where the
>upstream would not want the downstream to be assigning/allocating?  Should
>ARIN be responsible for notifying the upstream?


>Do we need a written policy to define how we should be processing such a

Yes.  Upstreams should have the [e-mail automated] option to 'ack' or 
'nack' such a request.

There are ISPs that sell bandwidth at different rates -- wholesale vs 
retail.  If a retail agreement is in place, the downstream explicity may 
not re-sell the bandwidth and may not assign network addresses without 
paying for such a service.

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