Just to clarify

Shane Kerr shane at ripe.net
Thu Jan 4 10:12:20 EST 2001

On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, ginny listman wrote:

> Apparently, there have been some upstream ISPs that have assigned some
> networks via SWIP, where later the downstream comes back saying it
> should have been an allocation, ie they want a maintainer id so they
> can assign/allocate further on down.


> Many times, it is just a minor error in the SWIP template, and
> shouldn't be a big deal.  However, would there ever be a situation
> where the upstream would not want the downstream to be
> assigning/allocating?  Should ARIN be responsible for notifying the
> upstream?  We have be processing these request because we do not want
> to delay the downstream's business.  Do we need a written policy to
> define how we should be processing such a request?

Question: Can the ISP that received the parent block modify/delete the
blocks allocated/assigned by its children?

In any case, in lieu of a genuine notification mechanism, I think ARIN
should send an e-mail to the upstream.  I wouldn't think waiting approval
is necessary, as long as ARIN is willing to delete any records added by
the downstream if approval is denied.


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