Just to clarify

ginny listman ginny at arin.net
Thu Jan 4 08:20:07 EST 2001

Hi, my name is Ginny Listman.  As of early December, I am the new Director
of Engineering here at ARIN.  In a meeting yesterday, to discuss database
changes, the following policy issue came up.

Apparently, there have been some upstream ISPs that have assigned some
networks via SWIP, where later the downstream comes back saying it should
have been an allocation, ie they want a maintainer id so they can
assign/allocate further on down.

In most cases, RSG has been granting the downstream's wish, creating the
maintainer id, allowing them to further assign/allocate.

Many times, it is just a minor error in the SWIP template, and shouldn't
be a big deal.  However, would there ever be a situation where the
upstream would not want the downstream to be assigning/allocating?  Should
ARIN be responsible for notifying the upstream?  We have be processing
these request because we do not want to delay the downstream's business.  
Do we need a written policy to define how we should be processing such a

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