Status of Policy Proposal 2001-2?

Dave Diller ddiller at
Fri Dec 21 15:37:57 EST 2001

"McBurnett, Jim" wrote:
> Now here are the questions I have:
> When and if this does get passed, and I am multihomed to 2 or 3 providers,
> can they refuse to grant the IP's? what recourse do I have?

The point of this is to allow you to have ONE /24 from ONE provider, and
the others would then accept it (as usual) via BGP.  The intent is NOT
for someone to get multiple /24s for their 20 hosts.  Assuming you are
currently multihomed, you should have no need to even ASK for another
one under the guise of multihoming.    Normal host justification
procedures apply.

Given that caveat, then yes, an ISP could very well refuse to grant you
a /24 when you've already asked them to accept the one you've already
received from Provider B.

Fortunately for you, there would be no real reason for an ISP to refuse
the first request once it is "legal", short of an ignorance of the new
policy.  The entire reason for refusal has traditionally hinged on "it
is an unsupported form of acceptable justification" to ARIN.  If/when
that goes away, there would be an ARIN URL that you could send to your
ISP, pointing out the policy.

But until that URL is there, no dice.


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