Status of Policy Proposal 2001-2?

David R Huberman huberman at
Fri Dec 21 14:41:45 EST 2001

Hello Jim,

> When and if this does get passed, and I am multihomed to 2 or 3 providers,
> can they refuse to grant the IP's? what recourse do I have?

Yes, any organization can refuse to provide services to a customer.
Recourse? If you really want to do business with them, ask them to
reconsider by providing them proof that ARIN's policy allows them to do

> And how does/should this policy affect what an ISP can charge for a /24?

It doesn't. ARIN's policies in no way directly address the business
relationship between an organization, its customer, and fees transacted
between the two.

My organization charges a nominal fee, under the guise of "cost
recovery"/administrative cost. Other ISPs dont charge anything. But ARIN
policy decisions, and specifically, 2001-2, have no bearing on the issue,
as I see it.


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