Question about ISP Address Requests

J Bacher jb at
Fri Dec 21 14:25:34 EST 2001

>Answer for the masses:
>You're asking the wrong question. Its answer is not relevant to your
>customer's request.
>If an organization petitioning ARIN as an ISP demonstrates the efficient
>utilization of [a /21 as a multi-homed entity][a /20 as a single-homed
>entity], the organization is entitled to an approval for an initial /20
>from ARIN.
>Don't talk about your intended use of an initial allocation during the
>request process. It's not ARIN's business, it's not relevant within the
>policy framework of obtaining IP address registrations, and it will only
>get you in trouble.

The answer for the masses is exactly what I was looking for.  Not having 
ever requested a /20 initial for a single-homed customer, I had never been 
concerned about the language of the policy to even consider questioning it.

Thank you.

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