Question about ISP Address Requests

David R Huberman huberman at
Fri Dec 21 14:06:19 EST 2001

> The section preceding multi-homing states: "ARIN allocates IP address
> prefixes no longer than /20. If allocations smaller than /20 are
> needed, ISPs should request address space from their upstream
> provider."  Is "needed" defined "must be able to immediately utilize?"

Answer for the masses:
You're asking the wrong question. Its answer is not relevant to your
customer's request.

If an organization petitioning ARIN as an ISP demonstrates the efficient
utilization of [a /21 as a multi-homed entity][a /20 as a single-homed
entity], the organization is entitled to an approval for an initial /20
from ARIN.

Don't talk about your intended use of an initial allocation during the
request process. It's not ARIN's business, it's not relevant within the
policy framework of obtaining IP address registrations, and it will only
get you in trouble.

Answer for jb:

jb, if it's too late, and you've already explained your customer's IP
needs, then the answer is: it depends.

o If you've clearly stated you don't need a /20 over the next three
months, there are policy considerations ARIN RSG staff can apply when not
issuing an approval. It's pithy, but defensible.

o If you haven't elaborated on your 3-month needs, then the answer to your
question should be no.


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