Wording of the Virtual Webhosting Standards Policy

sigma at pair.com sigma at pair.com
Mon Apr 9 14:04:56 EDT 2001

> If a web-hosting organization petitions their upstream for address space
> and is denied based on some inchoate interpretation of an ARIN-published
> recommendation, that is indicative of a much larger problem. The
> organization can either attempt to convince the upstream to assign them
> address space or it can do what would seem to be the smarter choice:
> change upstreams.

I believe this point was raised at the open mike during both previous
meetings.  I'm simply mentioning it again.  The organizations that have to
reallocate space don't appreciate being in an uncertain situation either.

> > It seemed at the meeting that the intent of requiring any reason at all was
> > so that ARIN could gather data for future use - not to restrict allocation.
> > This policy was supposed to be scaled back to a recommendation.
> Yes, I too believe it is supposed to be a recommendation, not a strict
> policy. My policy wording does not seem to reflect that belief. Hrm.
> How to reconcile??

Presumably by altering the wording to better correspond to the consensus
reached at the meetings.  I was objecting to the wording primarily on those


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