Wording of the Virtual Webhosting Standards Policy (fwd)

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Mon Apr 9 13:20:59 EDT 2001

If you use "technically compelling" wording, then you're back to where we
were early last year, when the policy was vigorously protested.  Downstream
allocators will regard that as a blanket excuse to deny space to their
customers, regardless of how ARIN chooses to interpret it for their own

It seemed at the meeting that the intent of requiring any reason at all was
so that ARIN could gather data for future use - not to restrict allocation.
This policy was supposed to be scaled back to a recommendation.


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>The consensus that I gleaned at the recent ARIN open public policy meeting
>clearly agreed that a fairly strict policy is supported by the community.
>The burden to conserve address space is undeniably placed on the
>ISP. Those providers who require using IP-based hosting will need to
>explain themselves in some technically compelling manner.

And that's the point of the language I attempted to craft: any technically
compelling reason must be sufficient for ARIN to accept the address
utilization. ARIN cannot just blithely state that "here are certain
technical exceptions - do you fit one of them?"

The lack of specificity in my policy statement affords ARIN staff the
necessary flexibility in determining the needs and goals of the requesting
provider - a situation in which everyone wins, in my opinion.

Again, my policy proposal:

> In the interests of IPv4 address conservation, ARIN strongly encourages
> the use of name-based virtual hosting utilizing HTTP 1.1-host headers.
> ISPs providing web hosting services who are unable to implement name-based
> virtual hosting must provide technically compelling documentation which
> clearly demonstrates efficient utilization of their previous IPv4
> assignments.


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