Reassignment Proposal

Tanya Hinman thinman at
Tue Apr 24 13:44:32 EDT 2001

We would like to propose the creation of a third reassignment option in
conjunction with the current SWIP and RWHOIS options. As companies expand
globally, it would be much simpler for them to update WHOIS data in their
own one Registry rather than the three RIRs. We would like to create our own
WHOIS database within our Routing Registry. This would be similar to the way
RIPE represents WHOIS information along with their Routing Registry, and it
would be in place of a stand alone RWHOIS database which some of the other
ISP's are currently using.

1)If this is accepted by all three RIRs it would be very efficient and it
may help to relieve some of the load from the RIR's.
2)If the RIRs were to Mirror the WHOIS data from ours/other ISPs'
Registries, it would also allow queries from the RIRs registries rather than
referencing the customer's URL like the current RWHOIS reference.
3)It would be much easier to update and keep data accurate if all the data
is managed using the same database.
4)Guidelines for the format of this WHOIS option will need to be set in
order to implement a standard.

Thank you,
Tanya Hinman
Cable & Wireless

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