Wording of the Virtual Webhosting Standards Policy

Jill Kulpinski Jill.Kulpinski at exodus.net
Fri Apr 6 12:12:32 EDT 2001

After attending the ARIN conference this week, we have thought more about a
suggested wording for the Virtual Webhosting Policy.  This would be a change
to what is proposed.
It reads as follows:

When a Service Provider submits a request for public IPv4 address space,
ARIN or the upstream provider will review the requesting organization's
application and justification information to confirm they investigated the
use of HTTP1.1-host header (name-based) virtual hosting or other efficient
methodologies whenever and wherever possible.  If there is reason why
HTTP1.1 host-header (name-based) virtual hosting cannot be utilized,
appropriate documentation explaining the technical justification, must be
supplied.  Specific description of sufficient documentation is to be
determined by ARIN or the upstream provider.
		Service Provider:  Any provider of products or services via
the internet
		Efficient methodology:  any technology or protocol allowing
not more than one public IPv4 address per 		device, connected to
the internet directly.

Please make any comments as soon as possible.  There really needs to be a
change here regarding this policy, and it would be very frustrating to have
it continue to be 'suspended' for any greater length of time.
Thanks very much,

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