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Yes, I made a mistake by wording "(which ARIN is)" instead of "(of which
ARIN is a member)", which someone already pointed out to me.  By pointing
out an error in my wording you cannot throwout point #2 which states that
policies in most cases should be created within the RIR.

That's like an announcer screwing up and saying Sosa hit a double when he
really hit a homer.  It's still a homerun.  And the ninth paragraph under
the duties of the AC still state that normally policies within the area of
the ASO's responsibility be developed within the RIR.  And the third
paragraph under the "Duties" state that responsibilty to be the
"distribution and registration of address space."  Thus the conclusion,
ARIN has some authority and responsibility to develop global policies and
"forward them to the AC for their consideration."

If under policy development they didn't clarify some exceptions that they
intended to that's another story.  However, the way it is written leads
one to believe that we are talking about all IPv4 and IPv6 address space:

"(i) Definition of global policies for the distribution and registration
of Internet address space (currently IPv4 and IPv6);"

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On Sun, 17 Sep 2000, Kent Crispin wrote:

> On Sun, Sep 17, 2000 at 07:00:55PM -0500, Mury wrote:
> > 
> > How come you snipped #2, which said:
> Because I was responding to the glaring inaccuracy in your message:
> >>> 1)  The ICANN bylaws assign to the ASO (which ARIN is) the responsibility
> You were identifying ARIN and the ASO.  ARIN is not the ASO.  As a
> significant component of the ASO, of course ARIN has a large role in
> global policy development.  ARIN can make proposals etc.  But ARIN
> doesn't *decide global policies*; and it doesn't *make* global policies
> -- the other RIRs are equal players, and their interests don't always 
> coincide with ARINs (though certainly all the registries have an 
> interest in reclaiming space).
> [...]
> > In either case whether you want to argue that it is the ASO and not ARIN,
> > isn't my point that ICANN has given the RIRs or ASO the authority and the
> > responsibility to delevop global policies?
> > 
> > You are arguing against me, but making my point.
> Actually, I'm not arguing for you or against you -- I'm just correcting
> an inaccuracy. 
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