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On Sun, Sep 17, 2000 at 01:51:45PM -0500, Mury wrote:
> Hold the fort!
> I've taken some time to try to understand the authority and the role of
> ARIN in relation to ICANN instead of taking some people's word for it.
> Here is a summary of what I found on ICANN's site.  I have pasted the text
> from further down as a
> reference.
> 1)  The ICANN bylaws assign to the ASO (which ARIN is) the responsibility

You are confusing the ASO and ARIN.  ARIN is not the ASO.  The ASO is 
part of ICANN; ARIN is a member of the ASO.  Not the only member.


> Doesn't this sound like it is ARIN's responsibilty to develop policies and
> not ICANNs?

No, it sounds like it is the ASO's responsibility.

> It sure reads like ICANN has given ARIN not just the


> authority, but the responsibility to create *global* policies for
> registration of address space.  There are no conditions listed, no
> exceptions.
> What am I not understanding?

ARIN is not the ASO.  The ASO is a separate body that includes *all* 
the address registries.  

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