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Sun Sep 17 11:45:18 EDT 2000

Mike Horwath wrote:
> So...that fee I pay every year for said address space does not keep me
> a member during the 'year' I don't get more address space?
> To quote:
>         Membership with ARIN is open to any individual or entity and
>         is offered regardless of whether the entity receives address
>         space directly from ARIN. Subscription customers --
>         i.e. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that are allocated IP
>         addresses from ARIN -- are extended membership at no
>         additional cost to their subscription fee. Organizations that
>         are not subscription customers are invited to join ARIN and
>         are charged an annual membership fee of $500.
> So, the statement that Mury may not be a member would be wrong :)
> By default, any ISP with direct allocation from ARIN is a member
> according to what I read above.

Then perhaps I misunderstand how the fee schedule works, hopefully one of
the ARIN staff can correct me.


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