J Bacher jb at
Sat Sep 16 20:25:40 EDT 2000

> > However, you all must accept the fact that reclaiming IP space and more
> > efficient use of new IP allocations are not mutually exclusive.  They are in
> > fact separate discussions, and decisions on whether to do one will not
> > affect the other.
> > 
> > Alec
> Alec:
>   Agreed. Reclaiming IP space and efficient use of new allocations are
> certainly not mutually exclusive, Similarly, the aggrigate preasure on IP
> address space affects both discussions and their outcome. Also, the
> outcome of both will affect the aggrigate preasure on IP address space.
> They are therefore intimately interwoven.

Please.  ARIN did not choose to enforce a virtual webserver model because
it was either bored or there was no concern over available allocation.

"Efficient use" was redefined for a reason.   The only issue is whether
reclaiming space is a viability and whether ARIN gave sufficient
consideration to the ramifications of enforcing this new policy.

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