Mury mury at
Sat Sep 16 18:06:19 EDT 2000

> If you know of a way to make this happen, then by all means please share it
> with us.
> However, continuing to argue why ARIN is not reclaiming allocations is not
> productive, since the plain and simple fact is that ARIN does not have the
> authority to reclaim allocations that it did not make.  If you think that
> ARIN should have this authority, then by all means start petitioning
> IANA/ICANN to that end.
> Alec


No offense to you personally with these questions, but I've been told I am
not qualified to act as any sort of "spokesperson" for the ARIN
membership, and that I'm an idiot for asking for the list of legacy space

So my questions are:

Is it appropriate for me to "petition IANA/ICANN" essentially on behalf of

If so, is there a standard format and contact to whom I should be placing
my suggestions?


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