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Sat Sep 16 16:58:42 EDT 2000

Charles Scott wrote:
> Alec:
>   Agreed. Reclaiming IP space and efficient use of new allocations are
> certainly not mutually exclusive, Similarly, the aggrigate preasure on IP
> address space affects both discussions and their outcome. Also, the
> outcome of both will affect the aggrigate preasure on IP address space.
> They are therefore intimately interwoven.
>   I think however, that there is also a matter of balance. It appears that
> many in this discussion have a hard time accepting the idea that address
> space that's currently in productive use, however inefficiently, is more,
> or even equally, worth trying to reclaim than address space that is
> currently serving no usefull purpose whatsoever or is grossly in contrast
> with conservation. It is certainly the impression of this imbalance that
> is making it difficult for ARIN to deploy this policy. Until such time as
> all address space falls under the same level of scrutiny, it's unlikely
> that those providing Web hosting services, the very content of the
> Internet, will be convinced to expend considerable work and funds to
> essentially change the way they do business.

If you know of a way to make this happen, then by all means please share it
with us.

However, continuing to argue why ARIN is not reclaiming allocations is not
productive, since the plain and simple fact is that ARIN does not have the
authority to reclaim allocations that it did not make.  If you think that
ARIN should have this authority, then by all means start petitioning
IANA/ICANN to that end.


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