guideline for name-based web hosting justification

J Bacher jb at
Thu Sep 14 10:41:03 EDT 2000

> >> This ppml mailing list (and our public policy meetings) are exactly the
> >> right places to frankly and openly discuss issues like this.  Moreover, we
> >> specifically solicited opinions from the community on these actions.  ARIN
> >> _asked_ for this feedback.
> >
> >Which segment of the community?  I've not received any requests for
> >feedback on this policy in the last couple of years.
> ARIN requested further discussion on this subject August 29, although the
> connection to the far-ranging discussions that ensued may not be clear.
> See below:

>From what I can see, the policy was implemented and then discussion
ensued.  Am I the only one here that thinks it should have been the other
way around?


After consultation with industry groups, and in response to discussions
held at ARIN's Public Policy and Members Meetings this past April, with
the approval of the Advisory Council and Board of Trustees, ARIN has
implemented the following policy changes and incorporated their
descriptions in appropriate ARIN guidelines.

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