guideline for name-based web hosting justification

J. Scott Marcus smarcus at
Wed Sep 13 20:10:19 EDT 2000

>> ... And as far as being labled a trouble-maker, I know plenty of people
>> who have been far more vocal about ARIN policy than you and have had
>> no problem getting address space.  Please don't spread the
>> mis-conception that ARIN is anything other than an objective
>> organization.  It isn't true and it makes everyone's life much more
>> difficult in getting support for the organization.
>I'll save this email :) ...

Please do.

This ppml mailing list (and our public policy meetings) are exactly the
right places to frankly and openly discuss issues like this.  Moreover, we
specifically solicited opinions from the community on these actions.  ARIN
_asked_ for this feedback.

I personally prefer that the discussions be polite, civil, and in a tone of
mutual respect, which has I think mostly been the case with this long
thread.  With that said, it is VERY important that people feel free to
express their opinions candidly and directly.

ARIN does not (and must not) penalize people for expressing their opinions.

-- Scott Marcus (who is a Trustee of ARIN, but speaking for himself here)

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