guideline for name-based web hosting justification

Hyunseog Ryu HRyu at
Wed Sep 13 10:38:46 EDT 2000

Hi, everybody

For this ARIN's policy, it's very vague procedure for ISP, and clear action
for ARIN.
It's not fair!
For ISP, we need to assign IP address to customer right now, and ARIN will
consider this justification at next IP allocation
for exception warranty that it can not be guaranteed.
In this case, I think ARIN need to make clear guideline for this.
What is acceptable justification for web hosting?
Thousand of webhosting to one IP address?
And ARIN need to make clear guideline for Web hosting IP assignment  for
everybody to understand how it can be treated.
We don't want to jeopardize our futuer IP allocation because of vague
procedure for this.
It will consume more time for justification, and at last we need to accept
ARIN's unclear justification result because we need
IP address right away.
ARIN need to list acceptable exception list for this case, and give us
standard ratio that we can use for customer justification.
For example, 5 virtual domain for 1 IP address, or something like this.
If ARIN doesn't give us clear procedure or guideline for this, maybe people
will use some kind of tricky solution, and
we need to follow their movement because we don't want to loose our
business, and we need IP address for other customer.
Maybe people buy low end PC - like P75 or P100 - , put ethernet card in
those low-end PC, and run each web hosting in those
low-end PCs that they feel they need static IP address.
ARIN like slow-start procedure for IP allocation.
Why aren't they apply slow-start to this policy?
At least, this will be big movement of IP assignment and hosting service
I think ARIN need to give some kind of introductory period for this policy,
and need to apply some kind of loose procedure for this.
Something like this.
Apply 2 virtual hosting to 1 IP address for 6 month, and apply 4 virtual
hosting to 1 IP address.
In this case, hosting provider will have some room for applying virtual
hosting based name-based web hosting, and
they will have some time for testing new environment.
Nobody can change Internet environment suddenly.
At least we need some time to adjust this new concept  to real world.
Basically I agree with basic idea of this new policy.
Just I don't like the way ARIN enforce this to ISP or real world.


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