guideline for name-based web hosting justification

Shane Kerr shane at
Wed Sep 13 10:02:46 EDT 2000

Stacey D. Son said: 
> Shane Kerr said:
> > I hate to stick my neck out here, and I recognise that the technology 
> > doesn't really exist, but creating an Apache mod to record the number 
> > of bits sent to/from a given virtual domain should be straightforward. 
> > Perhaps ARIN could fund the appropriate work at Apache for this (IIRC 
> > ARIN has plenty of money for this kind of work right now).  I can't 
> > imagine it would cost in excess of $100k, and might help everybody 
> > concerned.
> > 
> > It could even produce output that looks like MRTG.  :)
> Please note that other protocols would need to be considered as well
> (e.g. FTP, IMAP/POP, SMTP, streaming, chat, etc.).  In short, HTTP is
> only one of many protocols used by web hosters that require usage
> accounting.  

However, FTP, IMAP, and POP do not currently support virtual hosts 
(there may be extensions to these, but I don't think there are any 

Perhaps you are correct, however, and a more general approach would be 
helpful.  Something to consider when/if deciding scope and requirements.


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