Name-based Hosting

J. Scott Marcus smarcus at
Fri Sep 1 10:54:04 EDT 2000

Good thoughts, Danny.

Even though the long thread on NANOG has been painful at times, I think
it's also been a valuable exchange.  At the same time, the NANOG list is
not the right place to discuss ARIN public policy issues.

What if, whenever we are launching a discussion of a particular topic on
the PPML list, we were simply to post to NANOG as a routine practice an
announcement that we are soliciting comments on topic thus-and-such on
PPML?  Ideally, that might bring in broader participation (and reduce the
number of people who are surprised later), while still getting the policies
discussed in the appropriate forum.


- Scott

At 20:58 08/31/2000 -0600, Danny McPherson wrote:
>And I agree completely.  If you're a member and it took 
>posting the messages for NANOG you to become aware, of 
>policy changes, well .. it's certianly no fault of ARIN's.  
>> note that this very discussion is a result of ARIN specifically 
>> requesting discussion on this list, not only about the web hosting
>> policy but about a number of other things
>> as Kim mentioned, ARIN is trying to more actively ensure that there
>> is open discussion about policy issues and not just from members
>> hense the use of this public policy list and scheduling disucssion
>> at the public policy meeting
>> ARIN is a member organization and member voting (on-line and in person)
>> is important but so also is discussion by non-members and it is harder
>> to have a vote in that case since it is not easy to define who would
>> get to vote
>> Scott

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