ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting

Charles Scott cscott at
Thu Aug 31 23:26:47 EDT 2000

  If I'm not mistaken, providers are required to follow ARIN policy in
fulfilling requests for the allocation of address space to their
customers. Having been on the asking end of such requrests several times,
I'm convinced that the new policy will result in additional and perhaps
unreasonable difficulties for smaller Web providers making legitimate
requests for address space to accomodate virutal SSL, bandwith profiling
and other such "excempted"  services. It would be nice if this policy
could be clarified in such a way as that providers receiving ARIN
allocations understand what's permissable for their customers. 

Chuck Scott
Gaslight Media

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000 jlewis at wrote:

> On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Kim Hubbard wrote:
> > We thought it best not to include specific exceptions because although we
> > were aware of several possible exceptions, we didn't want people to feel
> > restricted to just those listed.  There could've been some we didn't know
> > about and we wanted to wait until we heard from some of the requesting
> OTOH, the new policy could have said something like:
>   Examples of exceptions to this new rule are (but are not limited to):
>    A) websites using SSL (https://)
>    B) virtual host anonymous FTP sites
>    C) ... etc.
> Instead, we're all left guessing.  Nobody has a clue what might constitute
> a valid exception.  We waste lots of time whining and arguing about the
> new policy and create a huge message thread.  The thread begins to wander
> and spawns sub-threads arguing about the validity of various protocols,
> file naming conventions, etc.
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