Name-based Hosting

Alec H. Peterson ahp at
Thu Aug 31 23:17:19 EDT 2000

Danny McPherson wrote:
> Also, I believe perhaps entertaining the idea of an online
> member voting mechanism would alleviate a great deal of the
> concern -- and perhaps increase discussion on the mailing
> list(s).

Although to be fair member votes are only officially tallied for elections. 
The board is free to act on whatever policy it wants to, however the typical
path is for the AC to formulate a recommendation based on member input.  So
for this sort of stuff it would be nice if there were a mechanism to allow
for straw polling to see what the members of the list really think. 
Naturally ballot stuffing will be an issue, but it's worth trying.

However, I hope that will not keep people from participating on the mailing
lists and at the meetings, since that's where the ARIN bodies get the
information they need to formulate coherent policies.

As far as the exception being the rule, I don't argue that that could
potentially be the case.  I doubt it will be possible for ARIN to create a
policy that it will be impossible for someone with a mind to cheat the
system to find a way around...


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