Name-based Hosting

Scott Bradner sob at
Thu Aug 31 22:24:36 EDT 2000

> Also, I believe perhaps entertaining the idea of an online
> member voting mechanism would alleviate a great deal of the
> concern -- and perhaps increase discussion on the mailing
> list(s).

note that this very discussion is a result of ARIN specifically 
requesting discussion on this list, not only about the web hosting
policy but about a number of other things

as Kim mentioned, ARIN is trying to more actively ensure that there
is open discussion about policy issues and not just from members
hense the use of this public policy list and scheduling disucssion
at the public policy meeting

ARIN is a member organization and member voting (on-line and in person)
is important but so also is discussion by non-members and it is harder
to have a vote in that case since it is not easy to define who would
get to vote


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