ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting

J. Scott Marcus smarcus at
Thu Aug 31 21:37:16 EDT 2000

At 19:29 08/31/2000 -0400, dan at wrote:

>On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Daniel Senie wrote:
>> dan at wrote:
>> > 
>> > In a democratic process, which ARIN is, refusal to participate in the
>> > voting process, when eligible, usually removes one's standing to
>> Cough up your $500 as an individual and you can buy a vote. Sounds
>> democratic...
>The vast majority of the participants here work for ARIN member companies.
>They get a vote. It's democratic...

Yup.  :-)  Furthermore, this measure was discussed (and other issues of
interest to folks on the NANOG list are routinely discussed) at ARIN Public
Policy meetings, which are _not_ restricted to ARIN members.  The next one
is in Washington, DC, which is convenient to many of you.  (See  Show up!  Be heard!

Furthermore, ARIN pays a great deal of attention to its public policy
e-mail list, as was previously noted.  That list is also open to the
general public.  Sign up at  !

There are a number of opportunities and mechanisms to democratically
influence ARIN policies.  It exists to serve its members and the Internet
community.  I for one would welcome seeing the broader community take more
advantage of those mechanisms.

- Scott (speaking only for himself)

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