ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting

Alec H. Peterson ahp at
Thu Aug 31 19:30:22 EDT 2000

Christian Kuhtz wrote:
> I second that notion.  With all due respect, this voting business is a
> ridiculous notion in this issue.

Which is the primary reason that the ARIN AC exists; to represent the
members' views through policy recommendations to the board.  This specific
issue came to a head at the AC meeting in Calgary, so it made sense to bring
the issue to the attention of the membership at that time.

The issue had been circulating for some time.  Perhaps we need to develop a
better process for getting feedback on policy recommendations.  Perhaps a
discussion period on the ppml at is called for?

Hrm, this really doesn't have much to do with NANOG any more, and is better
suited for ppml at  Anybody who wants to participate further should
subscribe to that list, as I'm signing off of this thread on the NANOG list.


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