Fw: ARIN Web Hosting Policy (fwd)

Shane Kerr shane at ripe.net
Wed Aug 30 12:41:06 EDT 2000

> Ok I think it's time we hear from those who are still in favor of upholding
> the new ARIN policy.
> Unless I missed something, I have yet to read a post that is in 100%
> agreement with the new policy.
> Those of you out there, perhaps who attended the last public policy meeting,
> please give us some feedback on the recent posts.

First of all, let me say that I think the new policy is reasonable:

"ARIN will no longer accept IP-based hosting as justification for an 
allocation unless an exception is warranted."

So, if you are using the IP's for SSL, or FTP, or whatever, then 
clearly an exception is warranted (and you won't mind if ARIN checks 
this when you come back for more space).  ARIN is for the most part 
extremely responsive and helpful to its customers.  I don't have any 
reason to expect things would be different for this requirement.

However, I did attend the last public policy meeting, and IIRC only 
about half of those present were in favour of changing the policy.  
I don't recall a strong desire on behalf of those present in general 
for a change.  The minutes don't mention the member reaction to the 
change specifically, only that space be grand-fathered if granted 
under previous rules.  *shrug*


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