ARIN Web Hosting Policy (fwd)

Jim Cusick jim at
Wed Aug 30 11:19:43 EDT 2000

Instead of one group pointing fingers at another, let's maintain the
focus here on the real problem.

No one *wants* to waste IP space.  If your business is built on name
based virtual hosting than you don't have the issues that many of us
face with the prospect of this policy being enforced.  Consider yourself
lucky, or clairvoyant or, as you say, pure.  But the reality for many
web hosting businesses includes a 1-to-1 relationship between customers
and IP.  This is partially historical, partially customer expectation,
and partially technological.  All of these can be changed.

IP space conservation and movement towards technological solutions
should be the focus here.  I think the ARIN Web Hosting Policy served
for many as a wake up call the things cannot go on as they have, but an
overnight change in this policy is not acceptable to those member who
rely on ARIN for management of a critical resource.

>From the 1999 Annual Report:

"ARIN officially opened for operation on December 22, 1997. Since that
time, many changes in the industry have fostered an organization that is
flexible in meeting the needs of the users in its region. ARIN remains
at the forefront of the global network evolution, sometimes following,
sometimes leading, and stays abreast of activities and technological
advances that occur nearly every day."

So I believe the policy as stated needs to be rewritten to encourage the
technological and market changes required to preserve IP space while
allowing businesses to retool as these changes take place.  A big stick
may be required to force these changes to come about but a big stick in
the dark does not reflect an organization which "is flexible in meeting
the needs of the users in its region."

Jim Cusick
Hostway Corporation

Andy Walden wrote:
> >
> > Or reclamation of underutilized (or completely unused) blocks that have
> > been allocated historically.
> >
> > Kevin
> I'm all for this also. Its part of that purist thing I have going on. But
> shifting the focus towards one problem from another doesn't fix it
> unfortunatly.
> andy

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